Instructions for All Runners in the 2017 Event

Download and print a pdf version of these Instructions here: 2017 letter to runners:

14 June 2017

Dear Runners,

In just over a week our small fishing communities will be welcoming you our quiet and scenic corner of North America: – Campobello Island, Canada and Lubec, USA. You will be joined by approximately 650 other runners from all over North America, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, as well as Australia, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

A few words of guidance for when you arrive:

Time Zones: Campobello is in the Atlantic (“Canadian”) Time Zone – AT. Lubec is in the Eastern (“American”) Time Zone – ET. 5:00pm in Lubec is 6:00pm in Canada. The time for anything in Canada is listed in “Canadian” time and the time for anything in the USA is listed in “American” time.

Weather: Because we are at a very complex land/water interface the weather is very variable and can change rapidly. Please be prepared for anything between 27oC / 80oF and humid and 4oC / 40oF and rain. It can be windy at any time. It can also be warm and sunny one minute, then cold and foggy the next.

Check-In for all Races, Expo, and 10K Bib Pick-up: – Lubec School, USA.  : Lubec School (there is only one school in Lubec) is on South Street. If you are coming up Rt. 189 then South Street is on your right shortly past Becky’s Seafood Restaurant and the Lubec Historical Society building. It is not on the left as often indicated on Google Maps!

  • Friday 23 June: 2:00pm – 6:00pm ET.
  • Saturday 24 June: 9:00am – 6:00pm ET.

 10K Bibs can also be picked-up at Lubec School:

  • Sunday 25 June: 5:30am – 8:00am ET
  • There is no Ultramarathon, marathon, or half marathon bib pick-up on race morning.

You must present a standard photo ID in order to collect your bib.  You cannot pick-up a bib for someone else and no-one else can pick up your bib for you.  You must appear in person.

Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultramarathon Bib Pick-up: – Adventure/Information Centre Campobello, Canada

  • Friday 23 June: 3:00pm – 7:00pm AT. (2:00pm – 6:00pm ET).
  • Saturday 24 June from 10:00am – 7:00pm AT. (9:00am – 6:00pm ET).  Any runner arriving after this time must go to the Whale Watch Motel (on the left about 5 miles north on Route 774) to collect their bib.  They must still then check-in with both border agencies. Race packets, but not bibs, can be collected Sunday morning at Lubec school.
  • There is no Ultramarathon, marathon, or half marathon bib pick-up on race morning.

You must present your passport or other travel documentation valid for both the USA and Canada in order to collect your bib. You cannot pick-up a bib for someone else and no-one else can pick up your bib for you.  You must appear in person.

Bibs May not be Transferred and Must be used in the Race for which they were issued: Bibs are colour coded for the different events. During the race your bib is your passport. If you wish to change from the event you are registered for you must do so Saturday at Lubec School and you will be issued with a new bib according to the colour of the event you are switching to. If you are seen in the wrong race for your bib colour you will be disqualified. You may not switch bibs with another runner.

Race bibs must be visible at all times on the front of the runner, the border agents will be checking these as you run through the borders.  Bibs are also checked at the turn-around at Head Harbour Light.

Crossing the Border: – Marathon, Half Marathon, UltramarathonDuring the race you cross the international border between Canada and the USA without stopping. In consequence you have to be pre-cleared by both border agencies before the race. This makes bib pick-up a little complicated. Please bear with this. We hope you will find the benefits of being able to run in this unique event far outweigh any minor hassles.

Whatever your citizenship or residency status you must cross the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge between Campobello Island, Canada and Lubec, USA once in each direction on Friday 23th or Saturday 24th. You must tell both the US and the Canadian border agents at the bridge as you go through the entry checks into the USA and Canada that you are running in the marathon, half marathon or ultramarathon and they must check you off on their list of entrants.  If you have not been checked-off in person by both the Canadian and USA border authorities in Campobello and Lubec before the race you may be detained when you try to cross the bridge during the race.

Half Marathoners must also complete and sign the Canada entry form given to you at Bib Pick-up. You must take this with you on the bus to the start on Sunday morning and hand it to the border agent who will get on the bus at the border.

We are small communities with small border stations and a single lane bridge between us. The border stations draft in extra staff to help but some backlogs are inevitable. Please be patient. To avoid the potential for delay we recommend collecting your bib on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning if possible. Also, since it is just over 1km from Lubec school to the Adventure/Information Centre, you can often speed up processing and enjoy the views from the bridge by walking or riding a bike instead of driving. Just be careful of traffic.

Getting to the Start on Sunday 25 June: All runners will be bused from Lubec School, except for the Ultrarunners who should park at Lubec School and walk down to Water Street (approx 500 metres / 1,500 ft).

The access roads to West Quoddy Head and Cook’s Point will be closed to private vehicles as the roads are narrow and space is limited.  Foot access (0.5km) is possible for Half Marathoners if they are dropped at the end of Cook’s Point Road in Wilson’s Beach. For the marathon and 10K start the nearest open road junction is over 2 miles away, unless you are staying close to West Quoddy Head.

If you are crossing the border you must show your passport or other travel document.  Your race bib can only be used during the actual race.

Runners in the Half Marathon: because you will cross the bridge to get to the Start in a bus, you must have completed and signed and have in your hand as you get on the bus the Canadian border form given to you at Bib Pick-up. This will be collected from you by a Canada Border Agent as the bus goes into Canada.

There are water and toilets at West Quoddy Head (Marathon and 10K Start), Cook’s Point (Half Marathon Start), and Water Street, Lubec (Ultramarathon Start and the Finish of all races).

Parking:  Lubec is at the end of a peninsula and Campobello is an island. Parking and road space is very limited. All runners should park at Lubec School. There will be virtually nowhere else to park in Lubec. If you are staying within walking (or dropping off) distance of the school, please leave your vehicle at your accommodation. Parking officials will be on duty at the school from 4:45am Eastern Time onwards.  If you arrive before the parking officials (or the night before) please pull your vehicle right up to the fence by the ball field and park close to the next adjacent vehicle.  If you park in the middle of the lot you may find your vehicle has been moved when you return.  Also, please enter Lubec School from the southern entrance and leave by the northern entrance to maintain a one-way flow of traffic.

After the race:  Lubec Shool is within walking distance (500 metres/1,500 feet) of the finish line of all races. To ease congestion there will be no bus shuttles except  for anyone with medical needs or in case of extreme weather events.

Bag Drop – Ultramarathon: Leave your bag in the Blue Bag Reclaim Tent near to the Start Line.

Bag Drop – Marathon and 10K: There will be a bag drop for a single small bag from each runner at the start. It is recommended that you take with you to the start warm clothes and a large plastic garbage bag to use as a rain shelter.

Bag Drop – Half Marathon: There will be no bag drop at the race start, but there will be a bag drop as you get on the bus at Lubec Shool. You should only take on the bus what you will run with as as race officials cannot transport bags through the international border. It is recommended that you take a disposable large plastic garbage bag on the bus with you to use for warmth and as a rain shelter at the start. We will also work to minimize the time between bus drop off and the race start and in the case of particularly inclement weather will retain one or two buses at the start for rotational warming.

Buses: Buses will leave Lubec School as follows:

5:00am……………………….. Marathon early start

6:00am – 6:15am………… Marathon

6:45am – 7:00am………… Half Marathon (you must bring your completed and signed Canada border form)

7:45am – 8:15 am……….. 10K

Please note that if you want to be sure to have time to warm up, use the portapotties, or enjoy the scenery at the start, you should not wait for the last bus for your event.

South Lubec Road will be closed to all vehicles, other than those of residents, from 6.30am to 8:15am and again from 9:15am to 10:30am.  There will be walkers and runners on the road from 5:30am onwards and, as a courtesy to them, and to avoid delays and the possibility of getting trapped at West Quoddy Head for the morning, you are strongly advised not to attempt to drive to the start.

If you are staying on Quoddy Head Road you may want to walk to the start and arrange to be collected from the finish area after the race.

On the Course:  While there should be very few vehicles on the roads, Rt. 774 and Lighthouse Road on Campobello Island will be open to traffic and runners must run on the left side of the road facing traffic at all times with the following exceptions:

  • West Quoddy Head Road and South Lubec Road where runners may use the entire width of the road until the course turns right onto Route 189 just after the second water station – near mile 4 at the Regional Medical Centre Lubec.
  • Route 189 between South Lubec Road and the FDR memorial bridge (approximately mile 4 to mile 6) where marathon and Ultramarathon runners will run in the right lane while alternating one way traffic will use the left lane. 10K runners will run on the left on Route 189 with one way traffic alternating in the right lane.
  • The FDR memorial bridge linking the USA and Canada. All runners, whether outbound or inbound, must be in the reserved lane on the southern side of bridge and cross over the split mat on the southern side of the Canadian border station.
  • Outbound (marathon and Ultramarathon) the first 0.2 kms of Route 774 on Campobello Island (after crossing the bridge and running through the border station on the right) where runners should stay on the right side of the road up the hill. They will cross to the left side of the road at the top of the hill where there will be both an RCMP officer and a course marshal to oversee the crossing.
  • Water Street, Lubec – the last 300 metres/yards of all races – all runners may use the entire road.
  • 10K runners may also use the entire road on Monument Street, Commercial Street and Pleasant Street in Lubec – ie. the last 2 kms.

There will be police, fire and race marshals managing all road intersections.  However, runners should pay attention to traffic at all times.

Runners must give way to emergency vehicles even if they do not have their flashing lights or sirens going.

Course Etiquette:  Half Marathoners in particular please note. Many of you will be passed by the fastest Marathoners during the latter part of the course. Please stick to the left and don’t run more than 2 abreast. Normal etiquette is for a runner to call “passing on the right” as they come up behind and you move over to the left.

Water Stations: there are 15 stations along the course, each placed approximately 2 miles / 3.2 kms apart.  They will have Gatorade (lemon-lime) at the first table and Water at the second table.  At the first and second stations which are on South Lubec Road where runners may use the full width of the road, there are  tables are on both sides of the road. Elsewhere ALL water stations are on the left. Runners must not cross the road to use a water station on the opposite side. Be patient, you will come to a station on your side of the road very very soon.

There will be a table on the left with various flavours of Gu as marathoners enter the Head Harbour Lighthouse parking area for the turn at the northern tip of Campobello Island (approx 15.9 miles / 25.4 kms).  This is approximately 50 metres before the aid station at mile 16 / 25.6 km.

Portapotties:  are located at Lubec School (parking and bus loading), West Quoddy Lighthouse (marathon and 10K Start), Cook’s Point (half marathon Start), Water Street (Ultramarathon Start and Finish of all races), as you pass through the Canada Border station, and then approximately every 4 miles/6.5 kms: Friars Bay, the Fisheries Station/Campobello School, and the Head Harbour turn.  Portapotties may be on the other side of the road and runners may cross the road to access them. But please be carful.  We also have lots of really nice woods on both sides of the road!

Course Markers: All races will be led by cyclists.  There will be course marshals and/or signs at all turns, as well as various police, fire and border personnel all along the course.   Distances marked on the road correspond to the colour of your bib, ie. marathon marks are red, half marathon marks are yellow, 10K marks are blue.  The Ultramarathon course is not marked as such, to avoid confusion with all the markings, however, from West Quoddy Head onwards the course follows the exact same route as the marathon course and these marks are in red. Ultrarunners should simply add the 6 miles/10kms you have already covered to each marked distance.

The marathon and 10K course distances are also marked with Sandwich boards.  Sandwich boards are placed at 1 mile and 5km intervals.

The half marathon is marked with lobster fishing buoys every 1 km with the race distance painted on the road in yellow.  There is no marking of miles on the half marathon course.

For Spectators:  Due to the nature of the course – narrow and often winding roads with no alternative routes and little space for parking, spectators must not follow runners over the length of the course.  Route 774 on Campobello Island will have runners on both sides of the roads with any traffic obliged to try to squeeze past in the middle of the road. Normally local traffic is very limited, but spectators trying to drive along the course while the races are in progress will make the course extremely hazardous for runners, as well as being extremely trying for the drivers!  For safety reasons the police will also be controlling traffic very strictly.

We strongly request that all spectators either use a bicyle, or choose a spot, get there early enough so you are not trying to pass runners on the course, park your car there,  and leave it there for the entire morning.

Recommended parking locations:

Lubec School – the whole of Lubec is within ¾ mile / 1 km walking distance, and within a mile are  Mulholland Lighthouse and the Roosevelt Park Adventure/Information Centre in Canada with great views over Lubec and Passamaquoddy Bay.  There will be an ongoing street fair in Lubec plus a Fun Run (starts at 8:45am at the junction of Pleasant and Washington Streets).

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Adventure/Information Centre / Mulholland Light – great views across the Quoddy narrows and the bridge to Lubec. A great place to see the marathoners coming across the bridge into Canada and up the hill. All marathoners and half marathoners pass again as they approach the Finish.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park – spend the day, as well as taking time out to watch the runners going north, then back south.

Friar’s Bay – enjoy the beach, wonderful views, and Ultramarathon, marathon and half marathoners passing in both northerly and southerly directions.  There are also two water stations here

Wilson’s Beach – wharf, views across Head Harbour Passage and possibly whales. Also the Half Marathon start, marathoner’s running north on Rt. 774, and Ultramarathon, marathon and half marathon runners going south. Please park on top of the hill at the Baptist Church on Rt. 774 (there is no service that morning) and walk down.

Head Harbour – at the northern tip of Campobello Island.  Spectacular views over the Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay, possibly whales, visit the lighthouse (check the tide times), and see the Ultramarathon, marathon and half marathon runners turn to head back south.

Herring Cove Lobster and Pasta Supper is at Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello.  It is organized by local supporters of JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to benefit the Foundation. The lobster and pasta supper runs from 4:00pm to 7:00pm AT (3:00pm – 6:00pm ET). Walk-ins will be accepted.

Cell Phone Coverage in Campobello and Lubec is patchy, you may have to move to a western shoreline or find a hill top in order to get a signal.

Race Programme: while copies will be available at check in we recommend you download one here:

Finally, a note about Radiation – there are radiation detectors at the borders. To avoid any risk of being stopped during the race please do not have any tests involving radiation between now and race day.

We hope you are as excited as we are and see you next week.


John Hough.  Race Director