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Informal Runs on SUNDAY 27 JUNE – “Marathon Day 2021”

If you are going to be in Campobello or Lubec Sunday 27 June 2021 join local runners for informal group runs on what would have been “Marathon Day 2021”. As the border is still closed we have 2 runs as follows:

7:00am ADT – Meet at the main parking lot at Roosevelt Campobello International Park to run out to Liberty Point and back. Approximately 16 kms on good gravel roads.

7:00am EDT – Meet at the Lubec Boat Ramp at the north end of Water Street to run out to West Quoddy Lighthouse (the most easterly point in the continental USA) and back. Approximately 12.3 miles on tarred roads (except for round the lighthouse which is grass and gravel)

Looking for new Race Director (or directors)

New Race Director: we are looking for a new Race Director (or Directors) for the 2022 and following events. If you are interested in organizing an annual running event, or events, in the Campobello/Lubec area and would like to discuss with members of the committee and / or the previous race director, please contact:

Celebrating 6 Years of the Bay of Fundy International Marathon

Didn’t get a copy at the Expo? You can still order it here: Celebrating 6 Years of the Bay of Fundy International Marathon with all proceeds from sales going to Lubec Landmarks in support of their work  maintaining some of Lubec’s historical properties.  Written by local author John Rule who uses a bicycle to get unique perspectives on the race not accessible to other photographers, the book contains largely unseen photos from the first 6 years of the Bay of Fundy International Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultramarathon and 10K.