Bay of Fundy Challenge

Run one of the cross-border Bay of Fundy International Marathon races on 25 June and Marathon by the Sea races in Saint John on 13/14 August to become a “Fundy Runner”.  These are two of the most challenging races on the Atlantic seaboard of North America and both border the magnificent Bay of Fundy – known all over the world for its massive tides, wonderful whales, and sea-level but very hilly marathon courses.

Entry to the Challenge is free and no special sign-up is required, but runners must register and pay for entry into both the Bay of Fundy International and Marathon by the Sea in the normal way.  “Fundy Runner” medals are additional to the normal race medals and awards and are assigned at three levels depending on the distance completed:

Gold:     2 x marathons, or 1 marathon plus 1 ultramarathon

Silver:   2 x half marathons, or 1 half-marathon plus 1 marathon or ultramarathon

Bronze: 2 x 10K’s, or 1 x 10K plus 1 quarter, half, full or ultra-marathon

Crossing the Border

Participation in the Challenge requires running in both Canada and the USA. Runners are advised to verify their passports and admissibility to both Canada and the USA at an early date. Helpful information can be found here: and here: http:/  The organizers are not responsible in any way for any entrant denied admission to either country.


Canada – USA : Two Countries, One Race

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