• Athletics Canada/Run Canada Certification NB-2013-033-BC
  • USATF Certification: ME13003JK
  • Boston Qualifier

The course is a combination point-to-point (West Quoddy Head to Lubec) and out-and-back (from the FDR memorial bridge to Head Harbour lighthouse and back). On-course markers are in 1-mile and 5-km increments

Marathon Course
Marathon Course

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While the course does not climb more than 200 feet / 60 metres above sea level, it goes up and down rather a lot in between. In consequence map-generated elevation charts can be misleading. A course profile generated from a GPS watch is shown below.

Total course elevation gain is approximately 2,400 feet / 730 metres.

BFIM Marathon Elevation Map


Porta-potties are located at the school parking area, the start, the finish, and at various points along the course.

Water and gatorade stations are less than 2 miles / 3.2 kms apart. There is one self-serve Gu gel packet station shortly before the turn around at Head Harbour light (16 miles / 25.7 kms).

There will be shuttle buses from the school to the start as there is no private vehicular access to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse on race morning.

Most parking is less than half a mile from the finish line, but there will be shuttle buses at the end of the race too for anyone who really needs them.

Runners may check one small soft bag at the starting area tobe transported to Lubec for retrieval near the finish line.

The marathon course will officially close after 6 hours, at 1:00pm ET / 2:00pm AT, and all traffic controls, aid stations and other facilities will be closed down.  Anyone still on the course after this time may continue to the finish, but the race organizers will take no responsibility for them–the timing booth will be closed and the finish area, aid stations and medical support tent will dismantled.

There will be a special early start at 05:30am ET (06:30am AT) for anyone expecting to take longer than 6 hours on the course (i.e., a pace slower than 15 minutes per mile) – please should check the appropriate box on the registration form so we have an idea of numbers.  The bus for the early start will leave Lubec at 05:00am ET / 06:00am AT.  Early starters should note that they will not be allowed to cross the bridge into Canada (at 5.5 miles / 9 kms) until 6:30am and anyone taking the early start who finishes in less than 6 hours may be disqualified as they are disruptive to other race arrangements.

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