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Border ChairRunners in the marathon, ultramarathon and half-marathon do not have to stop at the border as they cross between Canada and the USA, but they are still subject to the normal entry requirements of both countries and must be pre-cleared by both border agencies ahead of time. Runners who have not been pre-cleared will not be allowed to collect a race bib or run in the marathon or half-marathon, though they may transfer to the 10K if there is still space available. During the race, bibs must be clearly visible at all times, but particularly as runners pass through the border stations.

Entry requirements for Canada and the USA are not the same, and it is recommended that runners who have any doubts regarding their entry to one or the other check these before they register.

1) Runners are required to supply their passport or travel document information as far in advance as possible.  This should either be entered online during registration or sent to the race organizers as soon as possible after registration.  This is the same process most airline passengers go through when traveling on international flights.  All documentation information is kept securely and in confidence by race officials and supplied only to the official Canadian and USA Border Services for race pre-clearance purposes.

2) Runners must pass through and be cleared by both the Campobello Island and Lubec border stations on either the Friday or Saturday before the race. As they do so, they should identify themselves as runners and be sure both border agencies check them off on their lists. We facilitate this process by having packet pickup in Lubec and bib pickup on Campobello Island.

3) Race bibs are valid for crossing the borders only during the race itself. If you are crossing the border at any other time than during the race itself you must present normal documentation. This includes getting to the Start and getting back to your accommodation on Race Day if you have to cross the border.

Recommended sources of information on travel requirements:

To enter Canada: Visit Canada

To enter the USA:

Please note that both border agencies are being extremely helpful and cooperative and going out of their way to enable this event, but they will still be enforcing normal travel requirements.

If you are from the USA and traveling with family members or friends who do not have passports, they can purchase a less expensive alternative, the $65 passport card, good for ten years. Everyone in the group with passports or passport cards can then cross into Canada to explore Campobello Island and other parts of coastal New Brunswick and beyond. Another alternative for both US and Canadian citizens is a Nexus card.  While this only costs $55, it is good for only five years and is only valid for a single individual.  Both passport cards and Nexus cards have to be applied for in advance and take some time before they are issued.  They cannot be obtained instantly at the border.

10K–the 10K is run entirely in the USA. Bib and packet pick-up is also in the USA.  While passports are not required, standard identification will be required for packet pick-up.

Spectators can enjoy significant parts of the race without leaving either Canada or the USA . See the maps for each race.

Criminal Inadmissibility

If you have committed or been convicted of a criminal offense, such as theft, assault, manslaughter, dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are urged to verify your admissibility before registering.

Some phone numbers:

  • Canadian Customs and Border Protection on Campobello Island: 506-752-1130
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Lubec: 207-733-4331

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