As a two country event we have two of most things, including registration sites. If you are a Canadian or permanent resident of Canada you should register on the Canada site. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the USA you should register on the USA site.  Runners from other countries may register on either site.


To register on the Canada site click here: Canadian Registration

To register on the USA site click here: USA Registration

If you are from neither Canada nor the USA you may register on either site.

NOTE: Registration for the cross-border races (marathon, half marathon, ultramarathon) closes at midnight on 31 May to allow for border security clearances. 10K runners may continue to register online through Midday on Friday 21 June or in person at the Lubec School from 2:00pm Friday 21 June through 8:00am Sunday 23 June.

Canada – USA : run Two Countries in One Race

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